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Education: Reference Books

Selected resources for finding books, articles, and more on topics in education.

Reference Books

Reference Books

ABA-LSAC Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools
  R 340.07 A116

Alternative Schools: A Reference Handbook
  R 371.04 C761a

Biographical Dictionary of Modern American Educators
  R 370.922 Oh455b 1997

Education and the Law: A Dictionary
  R 344.730703 T212e

Education state rankings 2011-2012
  R 370.973 E2449 2012-12

Educational Leadership: A Reference Handbook
  R 371.2 W674e

Educator’s Grade Guide to Free Teaching Aids
  R 016.371 Ed8gte

Elementary Teachers Guide to Free Curriculum Materials
  R 016.371 Ed8gc

Encyclopedia of American Education
  R 370.97303 Un35e2

Encyclopedia of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education
  R 371.97003 En195

Encyclopedia of Comparative Education and National Systems of Education
  R 370.195 En195 1988

Encyclopedia of Education
  R 370.3En195 2003

Encyclopedia of Educational Research
  R 370.3 En18e6

Encyclopedia of Human Development and Education: Theory, Research & Studies
  R 155 En195

Encyclopedia of Learning Disabilities
  R 371.903 T847e

Encyclopedia of Multicultural Education
  R 370.117 M692e

Encyclopedia of Special Education
  R 371.903 En195 1999

Four-Year Colleges
 R 378.73 P48594

Historical Dictionary of American Education
  R 370.9 H629

Historical Dictionary of School Segregation and Desegregation
  R 379.263 R122h

International Encyclopedia of Adult Education and Training
  374.0202 In821 1996

International Encyclopedia of Curriculum
  R 375.0003 In821

International Encyclopedia of Education
  R 370.3 In855 1994

International Encyclopedia of Educational Technology
  R 371.3078 In851

International Encyclopedia of Teaching and Teacher Education
  R 371.100202 In855 1995

Learning Theories A to Z
  R 370.3 L5523L

Mental Measurements Yearbook
  R 016.1512 B93m

Migrant Education: A Reference Handbook
  R 371.82624 G745m

Multicultural and Diversity Education: A Reference Handbook
  R 370.117 Ap525m

Native American Education: A Reference Handbook
  R 371.829 H162n

Patterson's American Education
  R 370 P3171 2014

Peterson’s Distance Learning Programs
  R 378.175025 P442

Peterson's Graduate Programs 2014
 R 378.1553 P442 2014

Philosophy of Education: An Encyclopedia
  R 370.1 P551

Private Independent Schools
  R 370.58 P939

Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Administrators for Elementary and Secondary Schools
  R 371.13 W82r

Standards and Schooling in the U.S.: An Encyclopedia
  R 379.158 St245

Test Critiques
  R 016.1512 T286

  Ref Desk 150.287 T289 2003

Tests in Print
  R 016.37126 T289

The Almanac of American Education, 2011
  R 370.7 A445

The Europa World of Learning 2013
  R 060 W92711

Two-Year Colleges
  Ref Desk 378.73 P48592

World Education Encyclopedia: A Survey of Educational Systems Worldwide
  R 370.3 W893 2002

Yearbook of Education Law
  R 379.14 Y32

You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path From Chaos to Career
  R 650.14 B872


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