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Laptops, Multimedia Equipment & Other Devices: Checkout Information and Policies

This guide details equipment available for use and checkout at the Al Harris Library.


The library owns the equipment and electronic devices which you may borrow at the Circulation Desk.

location of circulation desk on first floor of the library


Library users must present a valid form of identification to use the library's electronic devices and/or equipment. A SWOSU ID or an Oklahoma driver's license (for public users) is required. Public patrons are required to leave their identification at the Circulation Desk until the electronic device and/or equipment is returned.

Borrower Agreement

Library users are required to read the Electronic Devices Circulation Policy and complete an Electronic Device Borrower Agreement Form

Overdue Fines and Replacement Costs

Laptops accrue an overdue fine of $1.00/hour with one 10-minute grace period. Electronic devices and equipment accrue an overdue fine of $1.00/day with one 1-day grace period. The user is responsible for the laptop, electronic device, and/or equipment borrowed. If the item is lost, stolen or damaged, a replacement cost will be charged to the user.

  Loan Period Item Limits Renewals Fines
Electronic Devices 1 day 2 See policy $1.00/day
Laptops 3 hours 1 See policy $1.00/hour
Faculty, Staff, and Emeriti
  Loan Period Item Limits Renewals Fines
Electronic Devices 1 day 2 See policy None
Laptops 3 hours 1 See policy $1.00/hour
Public, Alumni, and OK-Share Patrons
  Loan Period Item Limits Renewals Fines
Electronic Devices 1 day 1 See policy $1.00/day
Laptops 3 hours 1 None $1.00/hour


Library Computer Users Must:

  • Be at least 18 years old or be an enrolled SWOSU Student
  • If under 18, the user must be attending a university-sponsored event or be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or teacher.

Class and academic computer use takes precedence over usage for entertainment, email, or chat.

Library computer users are encouraged to read the SWOSU Libraries Privacy Statement and adhere to the university's Computing Policy

Make sure you hand the electronic device or equipment to a Circulation Desk worker.

  • Never return an electronic device or equipment in the library book drop. 
  • Do not leave the device or equipment unattended on the counter at the Circulation Desk.
    • You must wait at the Circulation Desk while the device or equipment is inspected. The Circulation Desk worker will inform you when the process is complete.
    • Be sure no files or important data is left on an electronic device. After returned, the device's memory will be wiped.


What kind of devices are available?  

  • Video Cameras w/ tripod
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Recorders w/ accessories
  • Flip Cameras w/ accessories
  • GoPro Cameras w/ accessories
  • Graphing Calculators
  • Headphones
  • Headsets w/ microphone
  • Laptops
  • Professional Camera w/ various lenses
  • Webcams

Can I take the device out of the Library? 

  • Everything but laptops can be taken out of the library.

Should I save my files elsewhere?

  • Yes, the memory of all electronic devices are wiped when they are returned. Anything installed on laptops will be automatically deleted when the laptop is turned off.
  • Please use an external storage drive or Cloud storage (i.e., Google Drive) to retain important information.

What should I do if the battery runs low? 

  • For laptops, you can check out a power cord for your specific laptop or you can return the one being used for a fully charged laptop. 
  • For other electronic devices, some will include a power cord and others operate on batteries. If you bring the battery operated device back to the Circulation Desk, we'll replace the battery for you.

For Additional Assistance

Al Harris Library Circulation Desk

(580) 774-3730

Jennifer Macaulay; Coordinator

(580) 774-3031