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Open Access Week: Home

This is a guide to instruct faculty on what open access publishing is

Open Access Explained

What Is “Open Access”?

"Open access is a publishing and distribution model that makes scholarly research literature—much of which is funded by taxpayers around the world—freely available to the public online, without restrictions.

Harnessing the power of the internet, open access brings the results of academic research to unprecedented numbers of scientists, university professors, medical researchers, patients, inventors, students, and the general public—democratizing access to knowledge, accelerating discovery and fueling innovation."

Video Source:  Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD Comics)

Open Access Terminology

OA Gold - authors publish their article in an open access journal

OA Green - authors publish their article in a journal, then deposit a copy of their article the university's institutional repository (or in other central repositories, such as PubMed Central), so that it is freely available to the public.

Hybrid OA - provide Gold open access only for those individual articles for which their authors (or their author's institution or funder) pay an open access publishing fee.

Preprint - version of a scholarly work submitted for peer review including only the original work of the author(s).

Postprint - also known as the author's final version, this version incorproates all changes from peer review, but it has not yet been copyedited and formatted for publication.

Author's Addendum - attached to publication or copyright transfer agreements requesting additional author rights beyond those already granted by the publisher.

Additional information on open access: Click here. 

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship

Paywall: The Business of Scholarship is a documentary which focuses on the need for open access to research and science, questions the rationale behind the $25.2 billion a year that flows into for-profit academic publishers, examines the 35-40% profit margin associated with the top academic publisher Elsevier and looks at how that profit margin is often greater than some of the most profitable tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google. 

The Al Harris Library will be showing the documentary on Friday, October 26 at 12:00 p.m. in the Newsroom to celebrate Open Access Week.  Or, view it here:

Open Access Textbooks

An open textbook is an openly-licensed textbook offered online by its author(s). The open license sets open textbooks apart from traditional textbooks by allowing users to read online, download, or print the book at no additional cost.  From:  Open Textbooks/Open Educational Resources: Home.  

For an overview on Open Educational Resources see the video from  Research Shorts:

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