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Writing Research Papers for English Composition: Internet (Finding Web Sites)

Here is information to assist you in finding resources for the writing of research essays for !213 English Composition II.

Finding and Evaluating Web Sites

Background About Web Pages

Finding Web Sites  

Some high quality web sites can be found through searching CQ Researcher.  CQ lists web addresses for organizations that are connected to the issue covered in each current report. This information is located at the end of the full report. Issues and Controversies also provides contact information for organizations that are referenced in the report. Look for Contact Information in the links to information at the beginning of the article.  Points of View Reference Center articles include Bibliographies that list a combination of books, links to periodicals, and in some instances includes web sites. It will be necessary for you to examine the article and find the bibliography at the end to determine if web sources have been referenced.


The Meta Searching Page offers background information about getting started with basic searches. Numerous starting places for finding web resources on a wide variety of subjects are identified on this page.

Evaluating Web Sites

When using web resources, it is very important to learn how to evaluate them and find the best ones for your research projects.  There are many helps available to you that explain the importance of evaluation.  A site evaluation checklist is a helpful tool when going through the evaluation process. Take a look at Purdue OWL: Evaluating Sources for additional assistance with making good choices in source selection.  Handbooks that are available in the library are also excellent places to look for information about source evaluation.


Subject Guide

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