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Writing Research Papers for English Composition: Meta Search Websites

Here is information to assist you in finding resources for the writing of research essays for !213 English Composition II.

Meta Searching

A meta-search engine is a search tool that queries other search engines and then combines the results that are received from all. In effect, the user is not using just one search engine but a combination of many search engines at once to optimize Web searching.  Other terms that apply to meta searching include: aggregator, federated search, metabrowsing, and multisearching. 

Here are links to a number of good meta-search engines along with a short synopsis that tells something about what the search engine can do for you:

All4One - a meta-search engine dedicated to giving fast, accurate results to anyone searching the web. It searches more than one search engine to give more accurate results by compiling results from Google, Yahoo, Inktomi, Askjeeves, Overture, Espotting, WebFinder, Mirago, Turbo10, and About.

File Extension Seeker - A file extension, also called a filename extension, is the suffix at the end of a filename, which indicates what kind of file it is. This is a searchable database of thousands of file extensions with detailed information about the associated file types. Each entry contains information about the file format, a description of the file, and the program or programs that can open the file.

Findelio - is a global meta search engine, that fetches results from AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN, Looksmart and possibly others. Findelio also offers 10 country specific versions.

Monster Crawler - searches Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask, as well as returning search results from sponsors.

Seekky - finds web results from the Seekky's micro-search engines set. If necessary, Seekky will search in different sources such as Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft with the goal of giving users the best results. All the results can be previewed in the same browser. Seekky is available in more than 15 languages, and it provides access to other tools: an address locator (locating an address on a map), routing tool (for generating a route on a map from A to B), a translator and other tools.

Beaucoup - is different because the engines listed on the main site (all but the category "Shopping")  are "free information" sites -- that is, they offer up information, not simply lists of commercial products or services. They must also be searchable in that they have either an input engine or an alpha-numeric listing -- anything which allows the user to zero in on pages pertaining to the topic they're researching.

Dogpile - powered by metasearch technology, Dogpile returns all the best results from leading search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. Dogpile looks at the results, decides which are most relevant to the search, eliminates duplicates and provides the results.

eTools -  is a fast and transparent metasearch engine in Swiss quality. Simultaneously queries major Swiss, German and international search engines with one click.

Excite - a  leading personalization Web portal, featuring world-class search, content and functionality.

Ixquick  - provides search results from over ten best search engines in full privacy.

Mamma - a globally popular meta-search engine that brings forth refined search results from the web’s top search engines. Successfully assists users in efficiently finding the information they seek online.


Metacrawlerutilizes metasearch technology to compile results from many of the Web's major search properties such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask delivering more relevant and comprehensive results. By accessing multiple search engines for each query, provides a rich and relevant spectrum of results.


Search -   is a solid meta search engine owned by CNET Networks. Retrieves results from Google, Ask, Jeeves, LookSmart, AltaVista, MSN Search. Also provides instant access to stable technology sites.




Example: LeadFish

Example: ixquick

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