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General Databases: Article Databases

Here is some background information for basic database searching.

Find Journals by Title



Know the title of the journal you are looking for? 

Do a quick search in the  Journal Finder using the journal title


Off Campus Access

When accessing databases from home you will be asked to log in.   Login with your GoSWOSU username and password..  For background information, check the Library Logins and Remote Access page.  



Research Assistance

If you have any research questions, please find various ways of contacting the reference staff on the library homepage at

Choosing Databases

Which database should I choose for my topic?

This is a common question since there are so many databases. Here are some tips:

  • First, choose a multidisciplinary, full-text database like the ones listed here. If you don't find enough articles, you may have to search a subject-based database.  The subject areas are listed on the homepage under Articles
  • Look for the names of databases mentioned in course outlines guides. Your instructors may also suggest relevant databases.
  • Librarians can suggest databases for your topic or thesis. Contact us by email, IM, phone or in person.

Searching Tips

How do I search the database for articles on my topic?

  • First, look at your topic. What are the main concepts?  For example, if your topic is "Discuss the impact of global warming on our oceans"

                        Your main concepts are: global warming and oceans         

  •  Decide on the keywords you will use as search terms. For this topic your keywords could include:

global warming, oceans, Atlantic, Pacific, greenhouse effect   

  •  Use AND to limit your search to results that include ALL of the keywords (Ex.- biotechnology AND agriculture) 
  •   Use OR to expand your search and indicate that you would like results with either term (Ex.-internet OR computers)
  •  Use quote marks or parentheses to indicate that you want one or more words in the exact order in which you type them  [Ex.-“great britain”  or  (great britain ). You can also put two phrases together  (great britain ) OR (united kingdom)

Subject Guide

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