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World Religion: Reference Books

Selected resources for finding books, articles, and more on topics on the subject of religions of the world.

Reference Books

Reference Books

A to Z of Buddhism
  R 294.303 P911a

A to Z of Hinduism
  R 294.503 Su533a

Angels A to Z
  R 291.21503 L5872a

Atlas of the World’s Religions
  R 291.O223

Baker’s Bible Atlas
  R 220.91 P47b

Biographical Dictionary of American Cult and Sect Leaders
  R 922.919 M495b

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Theologians
  R 230.0922 B52

Concise Encyclopedia of Language and Religion
  R 403 C748 2001

Contemporary Religious Ideas
  R 16.291 C767

Dictionary of Comparative Religion
  R 291.03 D561

Dictionary of Non-Christian Religions
  R 290.3 P248d

Dictionary of Science and Creationism
  R 231.765 Ec56d

Distinguished Native American Spiritual Practitioners and Healers
  R 299.7 J698d

Encyclopaedia Judaica
  R 296.03 E5632

Encyclopedia of African and African American Religions
  R 299.603 En192

Encyclopedia of American Catholic History
  R 282.7303 En195 1997

Encyclopedia of American Religious History
  R 200.97303 Q315e

Encyclopedia of American Women and Religion
  R 200.820973 B441e

Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism
  R 291.23 En195 2000

Encyclopedia of Buddhism
  R 294.303 E5638

The Encyclopedia of Christian Literature
  R 261.5803 E5636c

Encyclopedia of Christianity
  R 230.003 W893

Encyclopedia of Cults, Sects, & New Religions
  R 200.3 En192 2002

Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism
  R 200.90403 En195

Encyclopedia of Hell
  R 291.23 V26e

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
  R 909.097671 En195

Encyclopedia of Islam in the United States
  R 297.0973 E564

Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial Movements
  R 306.1 En196 2000

Encyclopedia of Mormonism
  R 289.303 En195

Encyclopedia of Native American Religions: An Introduction
  R 970.62 H616e

Encyclopedia of Religion
  R 200.3 En195

Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics
  R 203 En19

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
  R 301.5803 En192

Encyclopedia of Religious Controversies in the United States
  R 200.973 E56 2013

Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom
  R 323.44203 En197

Encyclopedia of Right-Wing Extremism in Modern American History
  R 303.484 A873 2011

Encyclopedia of Sacred Places
  R 291.3503 B783e

Encyclopedia of Saints
  R 282.0922 G945e 2001

Encyclopedia of the Crusades
  R 909.07 An252e

Encyclopedia of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  R 296.15503 En195

Encyclopedia of Women and World Religion
  R 200.82 En195 1999

Encyclopedic Sourcebook of New Age Religions
  R 299.93 N48 En198 2003

Handbook of Denominations in the U.S.
  R 200.973 M461h 2001

Handbook of Hindu Mythology
  R 398.2095 W7233h

The Hajj today: A Survey of the Contemporary Makkah Pilgrimage

Historical Atlas of Islam
  R 911.17671 F877h 2002

Historical Dictionary of Hinduism
  R 294.503 Su533h

Historical Dictionary of Islam
  R 297.03 Ad14h 2001

Historical Dictionary of Prophets in Islam & Judaism
  R 296.0922 N68h

Historical Dictionary of Reformed Churches
  R 284.209 B434h

Historical Dictionary of Shinto
  R 299.56103 P5858h 2002

Historical Dictionary of the Shakers
  R 289.803 D8738h

Historical Dictionary of Zionism
  R 320.5409569403 M4697h

History of the Christian Church
  R 270 Sch14h

I Ching: An Annotated Bibliography
  R 016.299512 H116i

Muhammad in History, Thought, and Culture: An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God
  R 297.63 M952

The Literature of Islam: A Guide to the Primary Sources in English Translation
  R 016.297 S629

New Catholic Encyclopedia
  R 282.03 N42 2003

Oxford Dictionary of Saints
  R 270.0922 F229o4

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
  R 270.603 Ox255

Papacy: An Encyclopedia
  R 282.0922 P197 2002

Peyotism and the Native American Church: An Annotated Bibliography
  R 970.62 W585p

Pilgrimage: From the Ganges to Graceland: An Encyclopedia
  R 291.35103 D2836p

Religion and the Law: A Dictionary
  R 342.73085203 An465r

Religions of the World
  R 291 R279 2002

Satanism Today: Encyclopedia of Religion, Folklore and Popular Culture
  R 133.42203 L587s

The Literature of Islam: A Guide to the Primary Sources in English Translation
  R 016.297 S629

The Religious Right
  R 277.3 Ut85r

Traditional Festivals: A Multicultural Encyclopedia
  R 394.2603 R888

Witchcraft Today: Encyclopedia of Wiccan & Neopagan Traditions
  R 133.4303 L587w

World Christian Encyclopedia
  R 230.003 W893A

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