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World Religion: Videos

Selected resources for finding books, articles, and more on topics on the subject of religions of the world.


Films on Demand
  Their Humanities & Social Sciences Collection offers more than 450 films on anthropology.

Philosophy and Religious Studies in Video
    Note: This collection has been consolidated into VAST: Academic Video Online by the publisher. Click here for details.
    The Philosophy and Religious Studies in Video collection includes documentaries, debates, personal interviews, biographies, and other primary source footage, mostly in the field of Religious Studies. Spanning from the Ancient Greeks to the Frankfurt School, from Hinduism to Christianity, from Classical Chinese Philosophy to American Pragmatism, the collection covers a broad range of perspectives essential to the study of philosophy, religion, current affairs, anthropology, international relations, history, and more. This resource is part of the VAST: Academic Video Online collection.

VAST: Academic Video Online
  Is a video database that touches on the undergraduate curriculum needs of virtually every department. VAST is growing to more than 20,000 full video titles (not just clips) in 2013 and currently offers well over 9,000 hours of content.

Subject Guide

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